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I can not understand, but I do not work Ctrl + C, if I press this combination, it does not copy anything, the selection disappears, and the most opposed that the cursor becomes the entire character, you have to press “INSERT”.

Who knows how to fix it and return to normal state?

Answer 1, Authority 100%

Keymap documentation in English https: //www.jetbrains. COM / HELP / PHPSTORM / 2019.2 / settings-keymap.html

Briefly and necessary: ​​

Please note that predefined combinations are nestrect. When you override the Association for the first time, PHPSTORM automatically creates a copy of the selected predefined keys that become editable.

After that, the RESET button appears (right at the top) – and it says that:

Click on this button to cancel changes in custom configuration and restoring conference. By default

or so:

Select Default:

Answer 2, Authority 100%

Try you to delete the config folder /home/user/.phpstorm
Settings will drop by default.

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