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What’s the difference between pageX / Y, clientX / Y, screenX / Y in Javascript?




Examples with some visuals will be very helpful.

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What is the difference between screenX / Y, clientX / Y and pageX / Y?

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Visual cues represent:

yellowScreen → Full monitor screen (screenX / Y )
The position will always be relative to the physical viewport.

BlueClient → Browser viewport client (clientX / Y )
If you click in the upper left corner, the value will always be (0,0) regardless of the `scroll position`.

RedDocument → Full document / page (pageX / Y )
Note that the `pageX / pageY` event is the` UIEvent` object [not standardized] [1].

All values ​​are in pixels.

 enter image description here

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Iterative Example

jsBin DEMO

 enter image description here

CLIENT → The Browser window

clientX and clientY = (px) values ​​for mouse position relative to the viewport browser screen

Even if you scroll through the document, the values ​​will always be the same

PAGE → Entire Document

pageX , pageY = values ​​in (px), the position of the mouse cursor, relative to the upper left corner of the document.

If you scroll the document, for example vertically pageY the value changes because this is the new top position of the mouse cursor within your element.
It is also worth noting that:
event.pageY - event.clientY === document.documentElement.scrollTop
(or jQuery’s $ ("html, body"). scrollTop () )

SCREEN → Your Screen

screenX and screenY are the values ​​(px ) of the current position of the mouse cursor relative to the physical display .

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