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where to store music?




I begin to write thesis on the topic “Stringing Service”. At first I thought that it would be cool to rent a web server, where I would store music, but it’s somehow expensive, and there is no need for it, because the idea of ​​keeping everything in Google disk.

I want to make sure that the user can do the following: search for existing music in the collection, adding music to your album. If the user does not find any song, he has the opportunity to independently add it to Google Disk (in the app).
I hope Google API will allow you to implement it all.

What do you think about this? What would you use instead of Google Disk?

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I would have launched a local server for tests on your own computer. It will be perfect for the example of XAMPP, there are FTP and in the HTTP imagination with MySQL (those MB. Will also ever be useful). It is installed and configured it quickly and easily. Good luck!

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