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Good day, hello.

This is what day I go with FancyBox and how I can not understand how to transfer the values ​​from the modal window to the page from where the form was called.
The essence of the task is that there is a page on which the city is chosen. When clicking on choose the city swallows the modal window, where you need to choose the city from the list by putting a tick (the option can be multiple), and then there is a button to select . When clicking on the Select button – the modal window should be hidden and on the page instead of the inscription choose the city – is replaced by the city selected from the list.

On the /index.php page, a modal window is called,

& lt; div class = "bl_categoty" & gt;
  & lt; div class = "choice_category" & gt; choose city & lt; / div & gt;
 & lt; div & gt;

Here JS:

$ (". Choice_category"). FancyBox ({
    'Padding': 6,
    'href': '/ modal / categories.php',
     // Events When closing the form applies.
     BeforeClose: Function () {
      Console.log ("Form closed");
      $ (". bl_categoty .value_heading"). Empty (). Text ("City");

Modal window located in /Modal/categories.php. This page contains a list of cities and the button to select . If you need to click on it that the data is transferred to the /index.php page and stood in .choice_category. JS page / modal/categories.php page below:

$ (". action_category"). Click (Function (EVENT) {
  // Value_Heading should be the selected city. - Not applicable
  $ (". bl_categoty .value_heading"). Empty (). Text ("City");
  parent.jquery.fancybox.close (); // Event is triggered
  // Not applicable
  $ ('. Choice_category'). FancyBox ({
    BeforeClose: Function () {
      Console.log ("*******************");
      $ (". bl_categoty .value_heading"). Empty (). Text ("City");

How can I transfer the parameters from the modal window to the page /index.php

Thanks in advance for the answer. I would be very grateful for any help.

Answer 1, Authority 100%

Decided the task of

$ (". action_category"). Click (Function (EVENT) {
   var category = parent.document.getelementByid ("Category_ID");
   Category.Value = "Medved"
   parent.jquery.fancybox.close ();

Answer 2

Your answer can be written as follows:

parent. $ ('# Category_id'). Val ('Medved');

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