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Good manual on jQuery, for the noobs of Eastnaya




Hello everyone! Actually, the question is where there is a good manual for sabzh, preferably practical? Those. Such delicious things as the opening of new windows with dimming, work with images, hiding / showing text areas, etc.

Wildly apologize for the stupid question 🙂

Answer 1, Authority 100%

In English:

In Russian:

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Yes, Bibo book and Katsa jQuery. Detailed Advance Guide JavaScript, 2nd Edition Unambiguously taxis. Better book on jQuery (and for a beginner and for a professional) is simply not. Even I do not even – she is “above” all the others “on the head”. Not a tedious – read easily, excellent textbook and good directory. Definitely the best book about jQuery in Russian (at the moment, anyway). IMHO, Mast Hav anyone who uses this library or wants to use it.
Recently 2nd publication. One of the authors is the developer in the jQuery team.

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I started with this: jQuery for beginners // javascript .

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Before learning jQuery I advise you to try Vanillajs!

Very powerful framework, gaining popularity. here is here it is described in detail.

The possibilities are really not limited.

After examining it – to understand jQuery you will not cost anything.

In addition to jokes.

In fact, you want to learn “cool” to animate blocks and inspire events, guess? Know JS, work well with DOM – after that http://docs.jquery.com/ – You will be more than enough to understand the work JQ and for the “cool” block animation.

i.e. Such delicious things as the opening of new windows with dimming, work with images, hiding / showing text areas, etc.

To do this, just disassemble the appropriate examples of here is here , for example. Understanding what parameter for what is responsible, you can easily create similar scripts with the result you need.

Seriously, I know the people who bought books on JQ, but they simply cannot read them, because they don’t even have ideas about what DOM is and do not even know how JS syntax.

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I really like this resource: JQuery Guide – Everything in Russian
There, in addition to this, there is also Help on other sections.

jQuery Documentation in Russian includes basics, methods and functions for working with elements, elements search methods, materials for working with AJAX, user animation functions and much more, contained on the official website jQuery.com , all functions, JQuery methods are explained using the” live “examples jQuery. Additional sections of the site – Articles on PHP, JQuery, CSS and HTML, JavaScript.

Answer 6, Authority 33%

Great tutorial from Anton Shevchuk Textbook “jQuery for beginners”

Answer 7, Authority 17%

I liked the book jQuery in action (there is in Russian) Bibo and Kats, for the beginner will be very interesting and with detailed examples. And as a certificate you can use the site from API and http://jquery.page2page.ru/index.php (API in Russian)

Answer 8, Authority 17%

I really like this: jQuery: novice to ninja

Answer 9, Authority 17%

Russian documentation

Answer 10

http://api.jquery.com/ is a fairly sensible explanation of all the functions of the shumbling. Examples of code are also quite used.
http://plugins.jquery.com/ – Collection of code examples, usually without explanation. 🙂

Well, and the Google request “JQuery Optimization” is also still in force.

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