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How to fasten to Emodezhi site?




Question on the backfill. How to fasten to your Emoji site?

There is a PHP site with MySQL in utf8mp4 encoding, jQuery is present.

There is a textarea where I would like the user to insert Emodzhi when typing

How to display browser on DIV all these pictures and so that by clicking on them they are inserted into the TextAREA field?

something google does not help much, because I can not understand the principle itself

Maybe there is where ready-made examples to see how it works?

Answer 1, Authority 100%

Online a lot of libraries for this.
TKK is ignored that the jikvieri is used, request: “jquery emoji picker”

Example: http://wedgies.github.io/jquery-emoji -picker / demo.html

Answer 2

That such found the Luba https://github.com/onesignal/emoji-picker
Good description, I will try to use it

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