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How to make a smooth scrolling on jQuery on the Joomla website




There is a website: Link Text

It is necessary to implement a smooth scrolling by the anchors. The menu is done using the usual HTML code module. Each menu item is spelled out links to Jacri in the article.
I use the following code for smooth scroll:

$ (document) .ready (function () {
  $ ("a.toplink"). Click (Function () {
    $ ("HTML, BODY"). Animate ({
      Scrolltop: $ ($ (this) .attr ("href")). offset (). TOP + "PX"
    }, {
      Duration: 500.

But for some reason it does not work, although the library has connected to the template. Please tell me how to do it right? For the first time I come across this just

Thank you all for the answers, everything turned out.

Answer 1, Authority 100%

The script does not work, as the page has no items with the items, which is registered in the reference target. Accordingly, $ ($ (this) .attr ("href")) returns 0 elements. On the page all the Yakori on which you refer to change C:

& lt; a name = "[name]" id = "vector" & gt; & amp; nbsp; & lt; / A & GT;


& lt; a id = "[Name]" & gt; & amp; nbsp; & lt; / a & gt;

Small demonstration: http://jsfiddle.net/hack9/1/

PS: In fact, you have now on the page mass of elements with the same ID “Vector”, which is pretty bad.

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