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How do I find a list of running processes in Ubuntu? [Duplicate]




To do this, open a terminal and run the command

ps -la // For basic information about the running processes of the current user
ps -ela // For all users
ps -a // Basic information for the current user

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It click k (kill), the process of entering a room, click 9 (in any kilnut)

ps ax | grep 'looking for a piece of the process name'

Process list

kill PID [PID2 PID3]

Kiel process by its id

killall PIDNAME

keel all the processes named

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and in real time to monitor the process better use htop

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And if you want the program in C / C++, either to analyze the directory / proc, or use the library libproc

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ps aux

and they can be the keel of PID.

kill {process PID}

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Displays krasivenkoe tree. Looks like this:

 ├─4 * [cronolog]
 ├─httpd───6 * [httpd]
 ├─kthreadd / 106─┬─khelper / 106
 │ └─nfsiod / 106

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ps -e

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