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How to find out the password on root




How can I change the password? I can not enter the computer. asks a user password? How can I find it.

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Regarding the title of the question: In Ubunt, the login on behalf of the ROOT user is prohibited, and he does not have a password. Use the Sudo command and enter your password. The user, respectively, should have privileges (see /etc/sudoers).link

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in no way.

You can only reset to a new in the presence of physical access to the car – http://habrahabr.ru/post/54103/

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Find out the password just will not work, but it can be reset, install it
new. There are a few simple ways to do.

download to single-user mode

If a GRUB without a password is used on the desired machine as a loader,
Such actions are suitable.

  1. turn on the computer and wait for the OS selection screen (if the selection does not appear,
    You need to press the ESC key at the time of download).
  2. as soon as you managed to get into the bootloader menu, Mouse over to the desired
    System and press the E key. You will get into a simple editor for
    of this item.
  3. Locate the line starting with Linux , and add a word to the end
    Single .
  4. boot with modified settings by pressing F10 .
  5. after a while you will fall into the privileged mode. Type
    Team Passwd User and set the password of the specified user
  6. Then enter the exit command, and the download will continue as usual. But password
    will already be replaced.

Substitution Demon Initialization

Single-user loading mode can be blocked *. In this case
You can try to replace the path to the program of initial initialization.

  1. for this at the stage of editing the settings of the item in the loader (see №3
    Above), instead of the Single parameter write init = / bin / bash .
  2. booting (key>f10 ), you need to mount the root section
    To write.

    Mount -W -o Remount /
  3. Then similarly change the password utility passwd .

  4. and then restart the computer by the reboot -f command. Password will

* in SystemD This is done by masking the unit Rescue.Target .

Loading with Live Image

Administrator may prohibit changing download parameters, putting a password on
. This will complicate previous items, and have to resort to help.
installation flash drive.

  1. By downloading the Live system from a flash drive (or in an old-fashioned CD), in the terminal
    Montore the system section of the target OS. You can find it with utilities
    fdisk or gparted .

    sudo mount / dev / sdan / mnt
  2. then change the root directory

    sudo chroot / mnt / bin / bash
  3. Change the password as well as in previous versions of the program Passwd .

  4. and restart the computer with a changed password.

As a counteraction, this option is invited to put a password and on
BIOS and hang the lock on the body or seal it.

Editing User Database

In the previous case, to pass the focus with the replacement of the root, the experimental system and
The system from the flash drive must be architectically compatible. If it is not, you can
Edit file / etc / passwd Target OS.

  1. Open Passwd file that contains a list of users in any
    text editor (or even in any OS, in which there is support for Linux
  2. Find the desired user (names in the first column to the colon) and
    Remove any characters up to the second colon in the string. This will lose
    User password on empty.

    Example: The file was

    root: x: 0: 0: root: / root: / bin / bash

    should get

    root :: 0: 0: root: / root: / bin / bash
  3. By booting into the target system, it is advisable to re-install the password.

but in fact, that truly protect the data from unauthorized
Access, they should be encrypted. In this case, you can be sure that
The foregoing instructions will not fit. And if you suddenly forgot your password from
Kryptokontainer, the simplest solution is to forget about it. However, this is not
Theme of this Answer.

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In the buckunt, you can go from the root through the recovery mode

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