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I have Pyhton 3.8 . But I need to install PYHTON 3.7 (for that, there are causes). Do I need to delete pyhton 3.8 to do this, and if necessary how? If that I have a Linux operating system and model Linux Mint 18 .

Answer 1, Authority 100%

But I need to install Pyhton 3.7

Install on health. Only not “hands”, but a system installer of packages. What is there – dnf / zypper / yum …

Do I need to remove Pyhton 3.8

No, no need

and if necessary how?

In fact, you you need to deal with what program on python what specific python interpreter uses. So far there are many applications that are written for Python 2.7

If All Your scripts will use 3.7, then the easiest way, in the / usr / bin / >directory:

sudo ln-python3.7 python

then all appeals to the python interpreter will cause version 3.7.

But this is a rather risky way. The system has a bunch of files on python and decide for everyone – it is not worth it.

If you just need to specifically your programs are executed in version 3.7, then you will write it clearly in each of your program in the first line like this:

#! / usr / bin / python3.7

And everything will be exactly the way you want.

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