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I can not add emmet extension for brackets on Linux Mint Cinnamon




I press the extension icon. Begins infinitely for a long time the download icon is spinning. Maybe there are other ways to install emet?

Answer 1

Emmet Plugin for Brackets Editor

Answer 2

Decided to put Brackets on Linux Mint 20 Ulyana (Ubuntu 20.04 LTS).

option with apt install snapd
Snap Install Brackets --Classic I do not like.

Silent with display and update plugins.

Run Brackets.
DEBUG menu - Switch Language- C System Default in Russian and Reload Brackets
Next, just come out of the program.
The next time you start the menu in Russian and plugins must be put.
There were problems with the switching language when starting Brackets through the menu.

Started in the terminal / SNAP / BIN / BRACKETS

Brackets There is also Flamatub

downloaded https://github.com/adobe/Brackets/releaseS/Download/release-1.14.1/Brackts.Release.

better do not do DPKG -I BRACKETS.Release.
After this you have to run APT --FIX-Broken Install
Through GDEBI and GDEBI CORE, the installation also does not pass. Problems with LIBCURL3.

read https://github.com/adobe/brackets/issues/14786

dpkg-deb -r ./Brackets.release. brackers
DPKG-DEB -B Brackets Brackets-Fixed.deb
Sudo Apt Install -F./Brackets-fixed.deb

emmet plugin found

well and set

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