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In Linux Debian is not a standard make. How to install?




Installed Linux Debian. All routines are, and want to install pindgin and a couple more. And there it is necessary to collect from source. And there need make. Introduced in the terminal
bash: make: command not found.
Download this make off with. site. Looked file INSTALL and README. Understood nothing.
How to install this make? Please, please.

Answer 1, Authority 100%

If there is a need to compile a software, then one make can be small. Therefore, typically more it is optimal installation package build-essential, which comprises including make. In Ubuntu it will deliver for example dpkg-dev (package building tools for Debian
g ++ (The GNU C++ compiler), gcc (The GNU C compiler), libc6-dev (GNU C Library: Development Libraries and Header Files) or libc-dev (virtual package provided by libc6-dev) and
In Debian about too.
Therefore, I recommend the following sequence

sudo -s
apt-get update # desired, if you want all brand new
apt-get install build-essential

Answer 2, authority 45%

(as the root of th )

sudo su
apt-get install make
apt-get install pidgin

Answer 3, Authority 36%

Try to enter the command line

sudo apt-get install make

Answer 4, authority 18%

Strong think you can put a package on Ubuntu .. not good at debianskih distributions, but I should ride http://pidgin.im/download/ubuntu/

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