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port forward and traffic redirection via iptables




There is a router , the Internet comes to it.

On the router, the 6666 port is tried on the server with ubuntu ( , the eth0 interface). There is also a second interface ETH1 , which is connected to the server (IP server address in this network , the main gateway is 10/10/10.1 ). Through this locator, a computer is available in the 3rd network .

Task: Configure IPTables Ubuntu so that users via the Internet by port 6666 could reach .
Forwarding included.

I can’t understand how to properly register the following logic (if it is generally correct):

  1. Redirect packages from one Eth0 on another eth1 if they answer .
  2. Redirect packets with ETH1 on the IP address available through this locomotive .

Answer 1, Authority 100%

(on the ubuntu server) specify the route to :

ip Route Add Via 10/10/10.1

Change the destination in the packages on :

iptables --table nat --insert prerouting \
  --Proto TCP --DPORT 6666 --JUMP DNAT --TO-Destination
IPTABLES --Table Nat --insert Prerouting \
  --Proto UDP --Dport 6666 --Jump Dnat --to-Destination

If the router> does not have masquerade, then:

iptables --table nat --insert postruting --jump Masquerade

must, in theory, earn.

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