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Can’t Log in PhpMyAdmin




I study the foundations of PHP, recently for the lesson I needed for the first time go to phpmyAdmin. Going through Open Server in phpmyAdmin I had to enter a password and username, but root and all other standard data are not suitable.
Maybe the problem is that I have no definite software on the PC?
I have only Open Server Basic version.
Please express everything in an simple way, because I only studied the basics of PHP, and I still don’t evenly understand what appeat, or MySQL.

Answer 1

Look here it can help https://php-myadmin.ru/doc/ . For a beginner, use XAMPP here is the link https://www.apachefriends.org/index.html .

Answer 2

Login ‘root’ password ‘empty string
If not the wizzy, then try to reinstall Open Server

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