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does not allow MYSQL from under a regular user




just installed a fresh Ubuntu 16.04, I put MySQL on it, but when trying to go to it

$ mysql -uroot


is issued

Error 1698 (28000): Access Denied for User ‘root’ @ ‘Localhost’

Although, I still can go there via

$ sudo mysql -uroot

Tell me how to make from under the usual user to go there?

Added from Comment:

put through

$ sudo apt-get install mysql-server
$ sudo apt-get install mysql-client

It was proposed to set the password for the user MySQL root, I left empty, and if I try to go with the -p flag, the system requests a password, I press ENTER, and the same error is given.

Answer 1, Authority 100%

How to debian – a mining distribution to reinstall the password for the Root MySQL user, described, for example, in this answer: How to find out a user’s root password for MySQL database in Ubuntu?

In order not to enter the password every time you call the MySQL client, you can use a custom configuration file: How to specify default values ​​when you start the client MySQL?

Answer 2, Authority 75%

You can create a new user with full rights.

$ sudo mysql -uroot
Create User 'newuser' @ 'Localhost' identified by 'password';
GRANT ALL Privileges ON *. * To 'newuser' @ 'LocalHost';
Flush Privileges;
$ mysql -unewuser -ppassword

To work with the base, use the new user NEWUSER instead of root.

Answer 3

I use such a request from root in Bash scripts:

mysql --user = root & lt; & lt; _eof_
 Update MySQL.user Set Password = Password ('$ {mysql_pass}') where user = 'root';
 Delete from mysql.user where user = '';
 Delete from mysql.user where user = 'root' and host not in ('localhost', '', ':: 1');
 Delete from mysql.db where db = 'test' or db = 'test \\ _%';
 Update mysql.user set plugin = 'mysql_native_password' where user = 'root';
 Flush Privileges;

And then I do:

service mysql restart

Answer 4

in MariaDB Debian 9.5:

sudo mysql -u root
Use MySQL;
Update User Set Plugin = '' Where User = 'root'; - Want Be The Empty String !!!
Flush Privileges;

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