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IDE for writing SQL table structures




Suggest a good IDE (if one exists)

Not only syntax highlighting is needed, but also highlighting of possible errors in the code.

The most important thing is auto-substitution: names, types, attributes, etc. I use phpDesigner, but unfortunately there is no auto-substitution in SQL.

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I strongly recommend dbForge Studio for SQL Server

Writing SQL can be time consuming, but performance can be improved:

Auto code completion - to quickly create SQL expressions.
  SQL formatting - to follow the accepted coding style.
  SQL Code Templates - for quickly saving and reusing code snippets.
  Quick help with information about database objects.
  Code navigation - quick jump using F12 to the variable description, object editor, etc.

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You can also take a look:

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The best, like a lot from JB (IMHO):

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I prefer to use Valentina Studio
(http://valentina-db.com/en/valentina-studio-overview). Works great on poppy, Windows and Linux. Especially on Linux.
A decent SQL editor. Not to mention a bunch of other features that the free version has.

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