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MySQL does not record a large text




Text (10,000+ characters) When writing in the database is cut, not entirely written.
Smaller text is written completely.

The text comes to the PHP file via POST, then recorded in the database.
post_max_size = 256m , in MySQL Type is worth TEXT .

What could be the problem? : (

Answer 1, Authority 100%

There are 4 types Text , each of which can place different amounts of data.
If you go with a smaller to more, then it turns out like this:

TinyText, Text, MediumText, Longtext

they can accommodate:

TinyText : 256 bytes.

Text : 65 535 bytes.

MediumText : 16 777 215 bytes.

LongText : 4 294 967 295 bytes.

Translating the last two will turn out like this:

MediumText – 16 MB

LongText – 4 GB

For 10,000 characters, it is enough MediumText

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