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What is the difference between Innodb and Myisam?




What is the difference between MYSQL – Innodb and Myisam engines? What are their weak and strengths?

Answer 1, Authority 100%

  • Myisam supports compression of tables, unlike Innodb.
  • Myisam has built-in full-play search in contrast to InnoDB.
  • InnoDB supports transactions unlike Myisam.
  • InnoDB supports the line blocking (Myisam – only table level only).
  • InnoDB supports external keys (MyISAM – no).
  • InnoDB is more reliable for large amounts of data.
  • innodb in theory is a little faster.

Answer 2, Authority 13%

Until recently, InnoDB did not support full-text indexes.
InnOdb does not store any rows in the table, nor the next value of the auto-closet field. The first is not so important, because few people need to consider all the rows in the table, without any filter.
But the second in the theory is fraught. If, after deleting the last ID, the server will be overloaded, then the ID will be reused. However, I did not hear about the happening of such jambs in practice

Answer 3

There is one obvious (but not immediately) minus Myisam arising from the features of blocking. If heavy selecs can be performed in the system, then any update on the table participating in it will wait for the end of Select and to block all further requests. If the base works quite actively, this is not an option.

Answer 4

If short, then in InnoDB there is support for transactions, and Myisam No.
And also Myisam Unlike InnoDB , it supports text indexing.
Mainly used Myisam .

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