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How to remove .NET Framework 4.6?




With the Visual Studio 2015 RTM installed .NET Framework 4.6, in connection with which he received a bug of bugs associated with the Tail Call Optimization, turning off the Ryujit does not treat them – how can I remove .NET Framework 4.6 and Ryujit from the car completely?

Two Case – Delete from the Developer Machine (Windows 8.1) and delete from billd servers (Windows Server 2012R2).

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You can just download .NET 4.6 Offline Installer , Run – and select the Remove option.

If without installer, then open
Control Panel / Programs / Programs and Features / Installed Updates.
Locate and delete:

  • kb3033095 for rc
  • kb3045557 for RTM

Not sure about the exact number – it does not appear when upgraded through RC. If you do not find KB3045557 – then look for the installation date.

Answer 2, Authority 100%

When trying to remove the framework through the installer – I was informed which update to be removed: kb3045563 in my case.

https://www.microsoft.com/en- US / DOWNLOAD / DETAILS.ASPX? ID = 48137

On Windows Vista SP2 / Windows 7 SP1 / Windows Server 2008 SP2 / Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, You Will See The Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6 AS An Installed Product Under Programs and Features in Control Panel. • ON Windows 8 / Windows Server 2012 You Can Find This As Update for Microsoft Windows (KB3045562) Under Installed Updates In Control Panel. • On Windows 8.1 / Windows Server 2012 R2 You Can Find This As Update for Microsoft Windows (KB3045563) Under Installed Updates In Control Panel.

In accordance with this, you need to remove one of the updates:

  • kb3045562
  • kb3045563

For older .NET Framework 4.6 operating systems appears in the Programs and Features installed.

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