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What is .NET, for which it is needed and where it is used




It is very interesting what .NET, for which it is needed and where it is applied.
Also, I recently saw that .NET supports PHP. What do you think about this bundle? Should I learn .NET for use with pyugh?

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  1. what it is in more detail than in the wiki I do not describe with all the desire
  2. need to develop business (and not only business) applications under Windows, as well as web applications, Web services and all such. It is convenient to the widest infrastructure, sets of classes for all occasions, a huge system of documentation, development tools. In recent years, the .NET Framework itself is installed with Windows and essentially inseparable from it
  3. do not think anything, because it looks no more than an interesting handicraft, and to spend this pyh.net his time hardly makes sense. The .NET itself is more than wonderful without PHP, and PHP, in turn, no less remarkably exists without .NET (which, by the way, is not too crossplatform). If it happened that you are interested in and PHP and .NET, then studying them makes sense separately

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