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Console does not work on a specific site




I make a project on Node.js, Express, Handlebars. I use TypeScript. Start the server for 3000 port. Console is not displayed by console.log (none in one browser), but in the terminal prints. On other sites everything works

Answer 1

Write in the console just CONSOLE.LOG (that is, we just see the function A E call it).

If you see ƒ () {} – it means someone rebuilt the console to hide any output into the console. Usually add it only for the production code, but depends on the settings of the collector.

If you see ƒ log () {[Native Code]} – it means the console works normally and the problem elsewhere.

Answer 2

In the browser console, messages will be displayed, which are displayed by the code running in the browser (on the client side). If Console.log () is performed on the server side, then the output will be in the server console.

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