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How to set the status bot Discord?




Recently began writing a bot for Discord and study Discord.js in parallel.
Constantly seeing bots with the status “Plays in / Help” or “Looks at N Servers”

So, how to do it on discord.js 12.2.0 ?!

Answer 1

You can use the setPresence

const discord = require ('discord.js');
Const Client = New discord.client ();
const prefix = '?';
Const Token = Require ('./ token.json'). Token;
client.on ('Ready', () = & gt; {
  Console.log (`Bot Is Ready`);
  Client.user.SetPresence ({
    Status: 'Online',
    Activity: {
      Type: 'Watching',
      Name: '/ Help',

Answer 2

Plays in “/ Help”:

bot.user.setpresence ({
  Game: {
    Name: `Plays $ {Prefix} Help`
    Type: "Playing",

Looks at N Servers:

bot.user.setpresence ({
    Game: {
      Name: $ {bot.guilds.cache.size} servers`
      Type: "Watching",

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