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What causes the net :: ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error?




Need help. Can’t figure out what is causing the net :: ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error.
Backend and frontend apps work as expected, except for requests / CORS.

 enter image description here
enter image description here

I deployed the code to the host according to this article . Naturally, I updated all the packages before going to production.
Host (VPS : CentOS7 , VestaCP ) has nginx + php-fpm , as well as MongoDB , node.js , @ vue / cli . All required ports are open:

 enter image description here

Server and client parts are in the same directory / on the same domain. Here is the structure:

 enter image description here

All dependencies for the packages are taken into account. The compilation of production and server startup is stable and error free:

 enter image description here

What is most interesting, requests in browsers are cut, and through Postman I get / send / update data perfectly:

 enter image description here

+++ server.js code +++

let express = require ('express');
let app = express ();
let bodyParser = require ('body-parser');
// Parse requests
app.use (bodyParser.urlencoded ({
 extended: true
app.use (bodyParser.json ());
// Load CORS
const cors = require ('cors');
const corsOptions = {
 credentials: true,
 origin: 'http: // localhost: 4200', // changed to http: // & lt; my domain name & gt;
 allowedHeaders: ['Content-Type'],
 optionsSuccessStatus: 200
app.use (cors (corsOptions));
// Configuring the database
const dbConfig = require ('./ app / config / mongodb.config.js');
const mongoose = require ('mongoose');
mongoose.Promise = global.Promise;
// Connecting to the database
mongoose.connect (dbConfig.url, {
  useNewUrlParser: true,
  useFindAndModify: false
 .then (() = & gt; {
  console.log ("Successfully connected to MongoDB.");
 }). catch (err = & gt; {
  console.log ('Could not connect to MongoDB.');
  process.exit ();
require ('./ app / routes / customer.routes.js') (app);
// Create a Server
let server = app.listen (dbConfig.serverport, () = & gt; {
let host = server.address (). address;
 let port = server.address (). port;
 console.log ("App listening at http: //% s:% s", host, port)

Answer 1, authority 100%

Error found. Everything was solved:

  • by replacing the origin option on the server (CORS) : from localhost: 4200 to
    http: // & lt; my domain & gt; .
  • port reconfiguration: listening port 8080 was open but busy by another process. Set up a different listening port on the server and replicate it on the client.

Everything worked. Thank you all! ..

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