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Which technology is the fastest for web programming?




Edge question, what technology or language
Quick to date for Web development?
Looking for what tasks?
Yes for all tasks, it is clear that not for information HTML

Answer 1, Authority 100%

I will tell Python, others will say php, then ROR feeds will come, and you will not receive the answer. Because There is no unambiguous answer, for example:

  • VKontakte, Facebook is php
  • Yandex, Google is python
  • Githab is rails

each project is a media giant,
So what is better not to say.

And this is just what I remembered … For example, to find a PHP specialist will be easier and cheaper than the same Python.

Single what I say about PHP: it’s p ersonal h ome p age, personal page no more than a web page on it It is easy to write, but you can also write, but it will be tight …

There is no reason for this for this, it is no lack of time, and in general, many things will need to be implemented by itself, but is appreciated by its simplicity 🙂

Answer 2, Authority 55%

Insert my five kopecks.

  • stackoverflow.com – C #
  • linkedin.com – java

About PHP, ROR, Python has already spoken. In any language, the development is faster if you write straight hands and light heads. Light heads will be faster on python or rails than on Java, fact. But since light heads are always lacking, they take more strict Java / Sharpe and write on them. Errors in the statically typical language look much easier than in dynamic. To write the code everyone can, but bring it to a normal look after QA is much more complicated.
Somewhere on Habré saw an article as a man praised Python. And the problem with the cons of dynamic languages, he decided very simple – TDD. But the TDD is usually a big way – & gt; Enlightenment of the head.

Answer 3, Authority 36%

Finished CMSC

Answer 4, Authority 36%

In my opinion, the fastest for design are Ruby and Python.

Answer 5, Authority 9%

In my opinion, the most convenient for web programming is ASP.NET MVC. I did not program on Java, so it may not be worse. But what ASP.NET is good, then this is support for users, convenient documentation and constant software updates. I want to say that PHP is convenient only when you never programmed and it is difficult for you to deal with Java or .NET type things. PHP should be learned to any developer, but it is not worth loaning on it, as there are a lot of uninteresting code to write hands.

Answer 6

In my opinion, to give a specific answer to this question you need to develop a project with the same functionality for example in the following languages:

  • perl
  • php
  • ruby ​​
  • with #

And give an estimate of the time spent! Do not write govnokod, namely OOP!

There are such that will answer in fact on what dance faster?

Answer 7

Write: Server – Python (Web2PY framework), client – HTML + IronPython + Silverlight. You can “damn bald” to do, and quickly and efficiently, but there are few specialists ;-)) (and there and there)))).

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