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I do not even know how to ask the question correctly. In general, there is a request, with a search (LIKE) on the table. I have no problem with one value. But before me, it cannot be reached, how to search in this query for several values. That’s what I mean:

There is such a request

select *
From `Table_Text`
Where `Table_Text`. `Text`
Like: text;

It is looking for a definite value. But after I try to make a request that will look for several values, the truth is still not imagine how to implement it. Since I have values ​​from the array, and their number is not always the same. Those. This time the values ​​5, in the other 2, in the following may be at all 20, etc. Therefore, I can not write a request about this:

select *
From `Table_Text`
Where `Table_Text`. `Text`
Like: Text1.
And `Table_Text`. `Text`
Like: Text2.
// etc.

Advise the output. And then I can not imagine how to implement it.

Answer 1, Authority 100%

I would advise you to unload templates in a temporary table. After that, the request becomes simple and understandable. And you can implement logic flexible – and all templates are immediately suitable, and at least one, and at least 2, and strictly 3, and on the contrary, no more than 2 …

Answer 2

So you can simply

select *
from table_text
Join Table On Table_Text.Text Like '%' + Table.text2 + '%'

where table will contain your entire list of


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