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Accessing the Composer bundled with Open Server from Php Storm




I know that Open Server comes with a console from where you can access Composer. However, I would like to do without this console and work with Composer through PHP Storm.

In “Language & amp; Frameworks”, I specified the path with the Composer executable:

Trying to run “composer -V” through “Tools – & gt; Run Command” while the error “Can not run program composer” occurs.

  • Can I do without specifying a new system / environment variable?
  • If not, which environment variable should you set?
  • If you need more steps to access the composer from Php-Storm, what are they?

Answer 1, authority 100%

Here’s a sample configuration:

And here is an example of entering the beginning of commands in it:

Use full pathnames for PHP and Composer.phar and everything works without environment variables.

How can I check if it worked? – PHPStorm will start command processing and extract available options.

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