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Auto Filling PHP code in Visual Studio Code




I have such a problem – I work in the VS-Code with PHP. Previously, working in Sublime Text I can simply enter a “PHP” and click Tab, after which I was revealed by PHP tag. In VS-Code, this can not be done. What could be the problem?

Answer 1

In Vscode it works differently. There are no such a tip from the box and you must add it manually.

Open File - Preferences - User Snippets and select the settings file for the desired language, such as PlainText.

Add the next code there before the closing curly bracket:

"php": {
    "PREFIX": "PHP",
    "BODY": [
    "& lt;? php $ 1? & gt;"
  "Description": "Expand PHP Tags"

Save the settings and restart Vscode. After that, the hint will work.

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