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CAUTION: provisional headers are shown




Hello …
I have a problem in Chrome.
The request does not seem to be sent and this message is displayed in the console on this package.

What can this mean and for what reasons:

  • Request not being sent?
  • No response?
  • The server does not generate an answer to the question?

  • Answer 1, authority 100%

    Some extension is blocking the request.
    Try launching Chrome in Incognito Mode (Ctrl + Shift + N). Add-ons will be disabled.

    Answer 2, authority 50%

    The resource may be blocked by the extension

    There is a message because the request to get this resource will never
    was not executed, so the displayed headers are not
    reality. As explained in the issue you linked to,
    real headers are updated when the server responds but there is no response,
    if the request was blocked.

    Type chrome: // net-internals in the address bar and hit enter.
    Open the page with problems. Go back to network internals
    items, click events (###) and use the text box to
    find the event associated with your resource (use the parts
    URLs). Finally, click on the event and see if it prompts
    information for you.

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