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does not change the global variable PHP




Tell me why the global variable a does not change, and is it possible to somehow change it in this design when the call goes inside an anonymous function.

$ a = 1;
$ b = function () use ($ a) {
    Global $ a;
    $ a ++;
  echo ($ a. '& lt; / br & gt;');
  c ();
  echo ($ a. '& lt; / br & gt;');
$ B ();

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You create an anonymous function and inherit the variable from the global area. In your case, when you try it to change, a copy is created. To change the original to inherit the link.

$ b = function () use (& amp; $ a) {

In general, it looks somewhat different. The C function in reality changes the value of the global $ a . You can make sure that if you call as previously your $ b () and then next C () (you declare it globally during the call of anonymous). You will see what will be displayed 1,1,3
But Echo $ A you displays a captured copy by value, so it does not see changes. So in this particular case, to see the changes you need to inherit it by reference. I repeat “To see,” and not “to change”, for everything changes.

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