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Does PHP have an analogue setTimeout, like JavaScript?




Actually question in the title. Task: Run the PHP script, but if all the conditions for its execution are not ready, then perform it again, after 10 seconds? Is there any kind of functionality in PHP?

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Here is an example, cycle limited three iterations ($ i & lt; 3 ), which is performed with a delay of 10 seconds Sleep (10) , if necessary, the number of iterations can be enlarged and / or add some condition instead of echo

& lt;? php
For ($ i = 0; $ i & lt; 3; $ i ++) {
  $ Date = New DateTime ();
  Echo "Iteration No. $ i, performed in." $ Date- & gt; Format ("H: M: S"). "& lt; br & gt;";
  SLEEP (10);

Answer 2

For similar purposes, you can use CRON.

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