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For online store engine: Innodb or Myisam?




For online store engine (PHP) What type of tables is better to do: Innodb or Myisam?

What are the differences between these types?

How can you justify your choice?

Answer 1, Authority 100%

If such a question arises, it is better to take myisam: more tolerance to glitches and inaccurate appeal.
InnoDB allows you to normally set the table, it works a little faster. But in the event of a breakdown of the table without a backup restore almost unreal.

Answer 2, Authority 100%

Shop? Only InnoDB, because you will probably need transactions.

Only configure the server correctly so that “tolerance for glitches and non-accurant appeal” you were not useful.

And better – take the same postgres.

Answer 3

Most likely you will not feel the difference.

innodb vs myisam

The article wrote a long time ago, but nothing has changed.

Answer 4

InnoDB . Because there are 2 big advantages:

  • does not block the entire table and only one line (myisam blocks the entire table)
  • you can build connections

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