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So, let’s start.
Task – Get the value of the number of subscribers of the Instagram user on nickname (@Name) with PHP.
What has already tried:

  1. Page Page Crook or File_Get_contents ().
    As a rule, IP hostings and most proxy distributions are located in the Instagram bath. Because of this, the answer from the request does not come.
  2. API Graphh and API Display. A very starred thing was, as in principle, all Facebook products, but I understood that I understood that it was also not suitable. For logging, access keys and TP are needed.

I want to get useful experience from people who have already implemented this simple task.

Answer 1

did not quite understand why proxy. I realized a couple of three months ago, the header added only to the User-Agent and everything, I just asked JSON info, and not the profile page itself.

Add to page address? __ a = 1.

About so https://www.instagram.com/souloftrue/?__a=1 .

The output will be JSON with full info by profile.

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