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Trying to migrate 1 table, but does not give.

Migration code:

& lt;? php
Use Illuminate \ Support \ Facades \ Schema;
Use Illuminate \ Database \ Schema \ Blueprint;
Use ILLUMINATE \ Database \ Migrations \ Migration;
Class CreateUserStable Extends Migration
  / **
   * Run The Migrations.
   * @return void
   * /
  Public Function Up ()
    Schema :: Create ('Users', Function (BluePrint $ Table) {
      $ table- & gt; increments ('id');
      $ Table- & gt; String ('Login');
      $ table- & gt; string ('first_name');
      $ Table- & GT; String ('Second_Name');
      $ Table- & gt; String ('patronymic');
      $ table- & gt; String ('Full_name');
      $ Table- & gt; String ('Phone');
      $ Table- & GT; String ('Email');
      $ Table- & GT; Integer ('Group');
      $ table- & gt; string ('password');
      $ Table- & gt; RememberToken ();
      $ Table- & gt; timestamp (); });
  / **
   * Reverse The Migrations.
   * @return void
   * /
  Public Function Down ()
    Schema :: Dropifexists ('Users');

gives the following error:

SQLSTATE [42S01]: Base Table or View Already Exists: 1050 Table ‘Roles’ Already Exists

For the sake of interest deleted all the migration files from the folders, the story is repeated. For the first time I see this.

Answer 1, Authority 100%

Dear Adeline is quite simple, I am sure that you have already figured out, but please:
In the error, it is said that one of the tables you are trying to create already have, probably you changed the code of the Schema method :: Create () ‘Role table, with the user table everything is fine. In this case, either re-create all the tables (in developing this common practice) with:

php artisan migrate: refresh // This team will reset and rewrite all migrations

Either just delete the table from the database and start the migration again. I hope that I could help!)) And from me the first like!

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