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open server or manual configuration?




Hello, tell me what is better and what is the difference? Download Open Server or download everything manually MySQL PHP Apache …, is there a difference?

Answer 1, authority 100%

The difference in the task worth.

If the task is to improve understanding of your environment (php, mysql, apache), how it works, how it is configured, etc., etc., then it is better to set it yourself and start smoking manuals. Believe me, there will be a result and it will come in handy anyway if you stay in IT.

If the task is to study the PL (php), learn how to work with the database (mysql), making requests from the code and simply through the client and at the same time there is no desire to be distracted by long settings, then install the assembly and do not worry. Then when you want to dig deeper, just demolish or turn off the open server, put a puff on the axis, or a docker with a puff image and you will smoke manuals.

The choice is yours! Go for it.

Answer 2, authority 50%

If you have Windows, don’t think about it and install OpenServer. If you download everything separately, then you can save disk space, although, in my opinion, the savings are dubious. But setting up everything in one application will be much easier at first. In addition, the OS has a bunch of options for connecting different versions of the web server, php and different database servers. All separately – usually some one bundle will work out.

Answer 3

Difference in understanding.
Putting everything with your hands, you will roughly understand how what works and how different parts of the web server interact with each other. Over time, you will be able to configure any server on any system

Having delivered the finished assembly, you will be its slave, who does not understand the meaning of his actions, but only stupidly follows the instructions.

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