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OpenCart. How to find out the version PHP?





Now I work on the site on CMS OpenCart, Ocstore
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The fact is that constant errors occur, the log file grows as on yeast, there are suspicions that the server does not work on the version of PHP, which is written by the OpenCart version. After all, in new versions PHP gradually remove old functions, they are modified and in some cases are renamed.

How to find out by OpenCart version, which version of PHP is (engine, OpenCart) was written?

Answer 1, Authority 100%

Box (clean and basic set of modules) OC2.x (yes and 3.x) minimally asks PHP5.4, it works under PHP7 without problems. But this is not obvious to custom builds, themes and extensions, for there is a community.
And Vaaaaache, sometimes go to opencart.com If you pedass stores on the opens =)

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