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PHP does not work “Hello World” on the local server




PHP script is not inserted into HTML file.a So PHP works if the .php

Answer 1, Authority 100%

The default PHP in the HTML file is not executed, how to configure Read

Need to add to the file .htaccess or in Apache config such a string

# allow you to execute PHP in .htm and .html files
AddType Application / X-Httpd-Php .htm .html

After that, PHP will be performed in HTML files, which will lead to loss of performance, since all HTML files will be processed as a PHP code. Therefore, PHP code Place in .php templates.

and html tag in the last row of your code to change to the closing.

Answer 2

You incorrectly closed HTML tag, should be & lt; / HTML & GT;

Settings are ultimately taken to ensure that the HTML executes the PHP functions – because you need to send the file to the server to replace the PHP inserts with HTML designs.

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