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Hello. It originated the other day the problem with phpmyAdmin . And she appeared unexpectedly and unexpectedly. An authorization pops up an error located at the bottom authorization window:

“could not be installed
parameters defined in the section
ControlUser in a configuration file
Config.inc.php “

And another error occurs simultaneously at the top of the window authorization:

1045 Unable to connect to the server

Sorry, but the screenshot is applied, unfortunately, I can not.

Section Controluser Breaks like this:

$ CFG [‘Servers’] [$ i] [‘ControlUser’] =
$ dbuser;

Obviously, this variable must be somewhat defined. Therefore, I decided to search file config.inc.php on the system. As a result of the search, two files appeared:

one is on the path /etc/phpmyAdmin/config.inc.php. It is just the same file in which is above said

Second: /var/lib/PhpmyAdmin/config.inc.php. Absolutely empty.

File itself I apply:

& lt; a href = ‘http: //exfile.ru/357548’> download config.inc.php with exfile.ru & lt ; / a & gt;

tried to put the $ dbuser variable to register ‘root’. But so nothing.

Answer 1, Authority 100%

I understand that you set PHPMYAdmin, as a package in Debian (or Ubuntu).
In this case, the $ dbuser variable and other variables are written in the /etc/phpmyAdmin/config-db.php file. Accordingly, you need to make sure you have a database, with access via login and password specified in this file.

If you do not need a PHPMYAdmin service database (or you do not want to create it), then the /etc/phpmyAdmin/config-db.php file needs to be cleaned.

Answer 2

I’m not sure, but probably the problem with the MYSQL database server itself. Do you have a website? If not, try to write a script.

& lt;? php
$ a = mysql_connect ('localhost', '** root **', '** 1234 **') or DIE ('access to the database is not.');
? & gt;

Do not forget to change, the fact that it is highlighted in bold to your data.
If you have a site on this base and everything is fine, then write and will continue to look for the problem.

Answer 3

Do you generally work phpmyAdmin ?
Just if you just try it to run – you need a database server to run, create a database and specify the PCHPMaadmin config.

Error “1045 Unable to connect to the MySQL server” occurs if the DB server address is not correctly specified, not the correct username or password.

other reasons do not know.

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