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Problem with PHP update on Denwer (empty page)




Decided to update PHP on Denwer package (version: Denver-3 2013-06-02) to PHP5.6. Download 32 Bit Safe Version. Filled all the files to the \ usr \ local \ php 5 directory, previously clearing it. Then renamed PHP.ini-Development in php.ini. Now the problem is that instead of HTML code, the server gives empty pages without any warnings. Do not tell me what could be the reason?

I saw the video language in which everything turned out. Please write that I have to install another server. Interested in Denwer.

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For PHP 5.6, Apache version is required no less 2.4 (now in the PHP5 Denver folder, most likely there is no php5apache2_2.dll file, which is the Apache module and is prescribed in httpd.conf).

Not bad guide on migration on Denwer on Apache 2.4 Here: http://shra.ru/2016/03/migraciya-konfiguracii-denwer-dlya-apache-2-2-na-pache-2-4/#axzz4kgaaazr4

still need to be checked so that PHP is compiled in the same version of VC as and Apache. (for 5.6 it is VC14)

For the future, you can see the server logs (z: \ usr \ local \ apache \ logs \ error.log) or try to run httpd.exe through the console – critical errors (if the server is not possible) are displayed only there.

Unfortunately, I failed to find a full guide on the configuration of Apache 2.4 + PHP 5.6 for Denwer, so you have to sit above the configs yourself.

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