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Translate file receipt on CURL




Previously, this code was performed, now it is necessary to translate it to CURL to be executed, do you expect how to rewrite the code correctly?

Answer 1, Authority 100%

You only need to read CURL documentation, tyk

Answer 2

Do not post keys like access-token in sharing;)

must be approximately so (did not check):

$ parameters = [
  'Access-token' = & gt; 'xxx',
  'Format' = & gt; 'xlsx',
  'gzip' = & gt; True.
$ url = 'https://webmim.svrauto.ru/api/v1/catalog/unlaad?' . http_build_query ($ parameters);
$ FP = Fopen ($ Path, 'W');
$ ch = curl_init ($ URL);
curl_setopt ($ ch, curlopt_encoding, 'gzip');
curl_setopt ($ ch, curlopt_file, $ Fp);
$ Data = CURL_EXEC ($ CH);
FClose ($ FP);

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