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WordPress does not come to confirm the account when registering




There is a site on WordPress on which I recently found that messages do not come with the text to activate the account. That is, users cannot register on the site. I have already overgrown many sites, I tried different plugins until it helps. I think I just don’t understand something, more precisely, nothing in sending emmeyl, never practiced ..

You could not help me to help customize it?

Thank you for your attention.

Answer 1, Authority 100%

! Possible problem with hosting. If it is a test period of hosting, then it is possible in the demo mode (SMTP settings) of the hosting you are not available. Also with free hosting.

You can solve the issue with a hoster and it’s free. Write to techboard. If the problem is in the other, I will try to answer.

Answer 2

The problem is really in hosting. They do not support the mail () function in the free tariff due to the huge number of spammers using servers under their frozen affairs. In general, I advise you to contact support for information and go to a paid fare to support the function (most likely it will work there).

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