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How to Clear Table from PostgreSQL




How to Clean the House Table from all values. The columns themselves leave, you need to remove the contents. Made such an option, but I need not in one column, but for all. Try to replace “column” on “*”?

update "house" set "column" = null

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Team Delete Deletes from the specified table Rows satisfying the condition Where . If the WHERE proposal is missing, it removes all the rows from the table, as a result work will be obtained, but an empty table.

delete from house;

Team Truncate Quickly deletes all lines From the set of tables. It acts the same way as the unconditional Delete command for each table, but much faster, as it actually does not scan the tables. Moreover, it immediately releases disk space, so it is not required to perform the Vacuum operation. It is most useful for large tables.

truncate house;

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