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Installing JSQuery




first performed

/ data / jsquery $ sudo apt-get install postgresql-contri
Reading package lists ... Ready
Building tree dependencies
Reading information about condition ... Ready
The postgreSQL-Contrib packet is already installed (10 + 193).
Updated 0 packets, 0 new packages are installed, 0 packets are noted to delete, and 214 packets are not updated.


postgres = # Create Extension JSQuery;
Error: COULD NOT OPEN EXTENSION CONTROL FILE "/USR/SHARE/postgreSQL/10/extension/JSQuery.Control": no such file or directory

then tried so

$ git clone https://github.com/postgrespro/jsquery.git
$ CD Jsquery.
$ make use_pgxs = 1
$ sudo make use_pgxs = 1 Install
$ Make Use_PGXS = 1 InstallCheck

on the MAKE Use_PGXS = 1 command, everything fell with an error

make use_pgxs = 1
You Need to Install PostgreSQL-Server-Dev-X.y for Building a Server-Side Extension or Libpq-Dev for Building a Client-Side Application.
yacc jsquery_gram.y
YACC: E - Line 216 of "jsquery_gram.y", Syntax Error
% Name-Prefix = "jsquery_yy"
Make: *** [& lt; Built-in & gt ;: jsquery_gram.c] Error 1

put Libpq-dev … etc.
Is there a way to put this expansion?

Answer 1

In Contrib this extension is natural (and will not). Contrib – only full-time extensions. And JSQuery – Fully third-party expansion and how with all third-party extensions you need to compile it or put someone pre-assembled package.

This is exactly the server-side extension , so the server headers for the assembly you will need guaranteed. I’m going to relatively clean, so you probably lack still some installed packages. Try to start with PostgreSQL-Server-Dev -

The package of this extension is present in the official PGDG repository (PostgreSQL Global Development Group). You can put from there

apt install postgresql- (version) -jsquery

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