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Does not work the game code “Guess the number” for the bot in TG Python Pytelegrambotapi




I can not write a code for playing in guess the number for the bot, I write code in a separate file (not the main thing) to then call it function, here is the game code:

import random
Import Time.
Def Random_Guesesses (Message, Bot):
# Number of attempts to guess
  Gueses_made = 0.
  Guess = 0.
# Get the username from the console entry
  Name = STR (message.chat.first_name)
# Get a random number ranging from 1 to 30
  Number = Random.randint (1, 30)
  Bot.Send_Message (Message.chat.id, '{0}, I guess the number between 1 and 30. Can you guess?'. Format (Name))
  Time.Sleep (1)
# While the user did not exceed the number of allowed attempts - 6
  While Gueses_made & LT; 6:
    Bot.Send_Message (Message.chat.id, "Enter the number")
      Guess = Int (Message.Text)
    Except Valueerror:
      Bot.Send_Message (Message.chat.id, "Invalid Enter. Enter the number")
  # Increase the counter number of attempts
    Gueses_made + = 1
    IF Guess & LT; Number:
        Bot.Send_Message (Message.chat.id, 'Your number is less than what I fucked.')
    ELIF GUESS & GT; Number:
      Bot.Send_Message (Message.chat.id, 'Your number more spent by me.')
  IF Guess == Number:
    Bot.Send_Message (Message.chat.id, 'Wow, {0}! You guessed my number, using {1} attempts!'. Format (Name, Gueses_made))
    Bot.Send_Message (Message.chat.ID, "And I didn't guess! I fucked the number {0} '. Format (Number))

Call function comes from the main file code:

if message.text.lower () == "Guess the number":
  Bot.Send_Message (Message.chat.id, Conf_Games.random_Guesesses (Message, Bot))

Bot goes around the cycle without taking messages, it seems it is necessary to add the reception of messages from the main file to the cycle, but I do not understand how to do it.
When I am writing a bot “Guess the number” game starts, but the bot writes this, I don’t even have time to answer, it is screaming without stopping:
In the console, this is:
Help modify that the game would work, thank you in advance!

Answer 1, Authority 100%

Oh, joint efforts:

@ bot.message_handler (Commands = ['Start'])
Def Welcome (Message, WHERE_CALL = NONE):
  if where_call is none:
    Global Number
    Number = Random.randint (1, 30)
    MSG = Bot.Send_Message (Message.chat.id, "Can you guess the number between 1 and 30?")
    ATTEMPT = 1.
    Bot.register_next_Step_Handler (MSG, Lambda Message: Random_Number (Message, Attempt))
  Elif where_call == 'not_digit':
    MSG = Bot.Send_Message (Message.chat.ID, 'only numbers')
    ATTEMPT = 1.
    Bot.register_next_Step_Handler (MSG, Lambda Message: Random_Number (Message, Attempt))
DEF RANDOM_NUMBER (Message, Attempt):
  If message.text.isdigit ():
    N = int (Message.Text)
    IF Attempt & LT; 6:
      ATTEMPT + = 1
      IF N & LT; Number:
        MSG = Bot.Send_Message (Message.chat.id, 'little \ know')
        Bot.register_next_Step_Handler (MSG, Lambda Message: Random_Number (Message, Attempt))
      ELIF N & GT; Number:
        MSG = Bot.Send_Message (Message.chat.id, 'Much \ Noteby')
        Bot.register_next_Step_Handler (MSG, Lambda Message: Random_Number (Message, Attempt))
        Bot.Send_Message (Message.chat.id, 'guess, with {} attempts!'. Format (Attempt - 1))
      Bot.Send_Message (Message.chat.id, 'attempts are exhausted \ Nexagified number {0}'. Format (Number))
    Welcome (Message, WHERE_CALL = 'NOT_DIGIT')
Bot.Polling (None_stop = True, Interval = 0)

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