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I would like to know how to draw in the console on Python. Who did not understand what I explain. I think everyone watched an iron man. There, he ponked different buttons and hacked the screen. There were a console, and “Stark” appeared from symbols. Or, for example, you launch the metasploit type ECaploits, and there their emblem from characters. Maybe someone will tell the resources any in the internet there is, or an exemplary work algorithm. Thank you

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To show drawings in the console, you can use Asciimatics (Gallery ):

 Asciimatics Images.py Tty Session
It creates drawings from ASCII characters using the capabilities of the terminal to work with the colors, the position of the cursor, etc. On Linux you can show pictures using Framebuffer EG, FBI . Read more. Is it possible to bring something into the console without using stdio.h?

Answer 2, Authority 50%

from colorama import init, fore, back, style
init ()
  Print (Style.Briend + Fore.yellow)
  Print ("** ** ******** ** ** **")
  Print ("** ** ******** ** ** ** **")
  Print ("******** ** ** ** ** **")
  Print ("******** ******** ** ** ** **")
  Print ("** ** ** ** ** ** **")
  Print ("** ** ******** ******** ******** ** **")
  Print ("** ** ******** ******** ******** **")

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