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Error when using differential evolution in scipy




I declared a function, I want to find its minimum method of differential evolution.

import math
DEF F (X):
  Return Math.Sin (X / 5.0) * Math.exp (X / 10.0) + 5 * Math.EXP (-X / 2.0)
from scipy import optimize
Bounds = [1, 30]
Result = Optimize.Differential_evolution (F, Bounds)

But after starting the script, I get such a mistake:

# Population is Scaled to Between [0, 1].

What is the problem?

Answer 1, Authority 100%

Bounds is not just a pair (min, max), but a list of such pairs. Correction on Bounds = [(1, 30)] Must fix everything.

Description and example in official documentation .

Answer 2

Please note that the boundaries of the values ​​of the function arguments are a list of tuples (List, in which Tuple objects are placed). Even if you have a function of one argument, take the boundaries of its values ​​into square brackets to transmit a list of one cap in this parameter. In the implementation of scipy.optimize.differential_evolution The length of this list is used to determine the number of arguments of the function

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