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How to add content procrut in QGroupbox?




You need to create a window within which the GROUPBOX will be in which the buttons will be dynamically added.

In case of outputting beyond the boundaries, I want to appear Scroll, but he completely refuses to perceive my attempts and appear on the screen.

At the moment I will not imagine what the problem is, I hope for help, thanks in advance!

# - * - Coding: UTF-8 - * -
from pyqt5 import qtcore, qtwidgets
Import sys.
App = Qtwidgets.Qapplication (SYS.Argv)
Window = qtwidgets.qwidget ()
Window.setWindowTitle ("Scroll")
Window.Resize (300,700)
MainBox = Qtwidgets.qvboxlayout () # here Let's place GROUPBOX
vbox = qtwidgets.qvboxlayout () # for buttons
scroll = qtwidgets.qscrolllarea () # to scroll must groupbox
Group = qtwidgets.qgroupbox ("Check me") # this groupbox
Scroll.SetWidget (Group) # for this I pass it in scrollarea
For i in Range (50): # Put the buttons
  vbox.addwidget (qtwidgets.qpushbutton ("Button {}". Format (i)))
Group.setLayout (Vbox) # We throw the area with the buttons to the group
MainBox.Addwidget (Group) # We throw a group to the main layer
Window.Setlayout (MainBox) # fix the main layer
Window.Show ()
sys.exit (app.exec_ ())

Answer 1, Authority 100%

I led to you a more functional example and noted how to do it.

from pyqt5 import qtwidgets, qtgui, qtcore
Class GroupBox (qtwidgets.qgroupbox):
  clicked = qtcore.pyqtsignal (STR, OBJECT)
  Def __init __ (Self, Title):
    Super (GroupBox, Self) .__ init __ ()
    self.title = title
    Self.Settitle (Self.title)
  Def Mousepressevent (Self, Event):
    Child = Self.Childat (Event.pos ())
    IF Not Child:
      Child = Self.
    self.clicalked.emit (Self.title, Child)
Class Mainwindow (qtwidgets.qmainwindow):
  Def __init __ (Self):
    Super (Mainwindow, Self) .__ init __ ()
    Self.setWindowTitle ("Scroll")
    Self.Resize (300,700)
    centralwidget = qtwidgets.qwidget ()
    layout = qtwidgets.qvboxLayout ()
    Centralwidget.Setlayout (Layout)
    Self.SetCentralWidget (Centralwidget)
    My_Tree = qtwidgets.Qtreewidget ()
    layout.addwidget (My_Tree)
    alpha = qtwidgets.QtreewidGetItem (My_Tree, ['Alpha'])
    Beta = qtwidgets.QtreewidgetItem (My_Tree, ['Beta'])
    alpha.addchild (qtwidgets.qtreewidgetItem (['One']))
    alpha.addchild (qtwidgets.qtreewidgetItem (['Two']))
    beta.addchild (qtwidgets.qtreewidgetItem (['first']))
    Beta.addchild (qtwidgets.QtreewidgetItem (['Second']))
    My_Tree.Expandall ()
    alpha.child (0) .setselected (True)
# +++ vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv
    scroll = qtwidgets.qscrolllarea ()
    Layout.Addwidget (Scroll)
    SCROLLLAYOUT = qtwidgets.qvboxlayout ()
    Scrollw = qtwidgets.qwidget ()
    Scroll.SetWidget (Scrollw)
    ScrollW.Setlayout (ScrollLayout)
    ScrollLayout.Setalignment (qtcore.qt.alignTop)
    Scroll.SetverticalScrollBarPolicy (qtcore.qt.scrollwayson)
    scroll.sethorizontalscrollbarpolicy (qtcore.qt.scrollbaralwaysOsoff)
    Scroll.setWidgetResizable (True)
# +++ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    For _ in Range (5):
      FOOGRUP = GroupBox (F'Groupbox _ {_} ')
      FOOGRUP.SetOggjectName (F'Foogroup {_} ')
      fooogroup.clicalked.connect (self.onfoogroupClick)
      FOOLAYOUT = qtwidgets.Qvboxlayout ()
      FOOGRUP.Setlayout (Foolayout)
      FOOTEM1 = qtwidgets.QLabel ("FOOTEM1", OBJECTNAME = "FOOTEM1")
      FOOTEM1.SetStylesheet ('Background: # 44FFFF')
      FOOTEM2 = qtwidgets.QLabel ("FOOTEM2", OBJECTNAME = "FOOTEM2")
      FOOTEM2.SetStyleSheet ('Background: # ffff56;')
      FOOTEM3 = qtwidgets.QLabel ("FOOTEM3", OBJECTNAME = "FOOTEM3")
      FooIeTem3.SetStylesheet ('Background: # FF42FF;') 
      Foolayout.addwidget (FOOTEM2)
      ScrollLayout.addwidget (FOOGroup) # +++
  DEF OnfoogroupClick (Self, Title, OBJ):
    Print (F "Group: {title}; ObjectName =` {Obj.ObjectName ()} `")
if __name__ == '__main__':
  App = Qtwidgets.Qapplication ([])
  Window = MainWindow ()
  Window.Show ()
  app.exec_ ()

If after studying something is not clear, ask.


import sys
from pyqt5.qt import *
Class Widget (QWidget):
  Def __init __ (Self):
    Super () .__ init __ ()
    widget = qwidget ()
    #Layout of Container Widget
    Layout = QvboxLayout (Self)
    For _ in Range (20):
      BTN = QPushButton ("Test")
      layout.addwidget (BTN)
    Widget.SetlaYout (Layout)
    #Scroll Area Properties.
    scroll = qscrolllarea ()
    Scroll.SetverticalScrollBarPolicy (Qt.ScrollBaraLewayson)
    Scroll.SethorizontalscrollBarpolicy (Qt.ScrollBaraLewaysoff)
    Scroll.setWidgetResizable (True)
    Scroll.SetWidget (Widget)
    #Scroll Area Layer Add
    Self.setLayout (VLAYOUT)
if __name__ == '__main__':
  App = Qapplication (SYS.Argv)
  Dialog = widget ()
  dialog.show ()
  app.exec_ ()

Answer 2

As stated in documentation

Note that you must add leiaut widget before calling SetWidget;
If you add it later, the widget will not be visible – even if
Call Show for scrolling area.

Note That You Must Add The Layout Of Widget Before You Call This
FUNCTION; IF You Add It Later, The Widget Will Not Be Visible –
Regardless of what you show () The Scroll Area. In This Case, You Can

That is, for the appearance of the scrolling, the command sequence should be like this:

# 1. Installation of a liauta for a widget
Group.setLayout (Vbox) # We throw the area with the buttons to the group
# 2. then adding a group to scroll
Scroll.SetWidget (Group)
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