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How to compile .py in .exe 32-bit on the 64-bit system




It is necessary to compile .py in .exe but what would the file turned 32-bit, provided that I have a 64-bit system, how can I do it?

Answer 1, Authority 100%

  1. Download x32 Python and you can not delete install another Python (x32) in the variable path .
  2. When you do it, go to the console and write: Pip Install Pyinstaller .
  3. Go to your location using the command in cmd CD .
  4. Write pyinstaller -f file.py .
  5. Go to the Dist folder and there your * .exe.

p.s.: Where file.py specify the name of your program.

Answer 2

I did it in this case, removed Python X64, went to the Python.org website and downloaded the X32 distribution, installed and compiled
Everything worked successfully. I advise you to try, I don’t know another way
P.S When using this method, you will have to reinstall all libraries

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