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How to download files with Yandex Disk




a file: https://yadi.sk/d/xsjJ3dEqb4pvlQ (it is open)
how to download it to me? do not need authorization, etc.

Answer 1, Authority 100%

Here is the code to download the published file.
(Your link for some reason, the dummy, I for example put your link. Replace it on its work, when it will have)

import requests
from urllib.parse import urlencode
base_url = 'https://cloud-api.yandex.net/v1/disk/public/resources/download?'
public_key = 'https://yadi.sk/d/UJ8VMK2Y6bJH7A' # This inscribe your link
# Get the download link
final_url = base_url + urlencode (dict (public_key = public_key))
response = requests.get (final_url)
download_url = response.json () [ 'href']
# Load the file and save it
download_response = requests.get (download_url)
with open ( 'downloaded_file.txt', 'wb') as f: # Here specify the correct path to the file
  f.write (download_response.content)

Answer 2, Authority 29%

Download .csv in DataFrame Pandas with Yandex disk without authorization, in the presence of references to the public folder and file


import pandas as pd
Import Requests.
import urllib
Import json.

Visitor (links to files and folders can be copied in the publication):

folder_url = 'https://yadi.sk/d/my_folder_hash'
file_url = 'file.csv'
url = 'https://cloud-api.yandex.net/v1/disk/public/resources/download' + + urllib.parse.quote (folder_url) + '& amp; path = /' 'public_key =?' + urllib .parse.quote (file_url)

Prepare the download link:

r = requests.get (url) # request the download link
h = json.loads (r.text) [ 'href'] # 'parsing' download link

Download data DataFrame:

df = pd.read_csv (h, sep = ';', error_bad_lines = False, comment = '#', encoding = 'cp1251')

You have to understand the correct delimiter and character, I have this sep = ‘;’ and encoding = ‘cp1251’.

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