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How to implement uninstallation of a specific application (program) on Windows 10 in Python 3?




That is, I need to write code that removes a specific program, preferably without user intervention.
The program to be removed is not wmic (i.e. not installed by the Windows installer), so, for example, this code will not work:

import os
path = 'file.bat'
with open (path, 'w') as f:
  s = 'wmic product where name = "{}" call uninstall /nointeractive'.format('Program name')
  f.write (s)
os.startfile (path)

As I understand it, you also need to use a bat-file, but you need a different command. Probably.
I would be very grateful for your help !!

Answer 1, authority 100%

  • Use os.remove (“path to file”) – delete file
  • os.rmdir (“path to file”) – delete empty folder
  • shutil.rmtree (“path to file”) – deleting a folder with files

Note: python only accepts paths that do not have a single \ – (backslash). For example, it will accept the path D: / folder / file or C: \\ folder \\ file. But not will accept D: \ folder \ file.

And so, an example of using shutil.rmtree ():

import shutil
shutil.rmtree ("D: / 111 / new")

If you want to delete something via a .bat file, you need to create a .bat file and write the command to it:
(choose the one that suits you best)

  • del “file address” (deletes a single file or all files from a folder, keeping the folder)
  • rd “file url” (deletes folder)
  • rmdir does the same as rd

You can add at the end of the line or after the command itself:

  • / s – all attachments will be removed (otherwise you will get
    notification the folder is not empty and it will not be deleted)
  • / Q deletes files without confirmation. Otherwise, a window will appear:

D: \ 111 \ New folder, are you sure [Y (yes) / N (no)]?

Command example:

rd "D: \ 111 \ New folder" / s / Q

The file is ready, now you need to run it through python. To do this, use subprocess

import subprocess
subprocess.Popen ('file address')

Popen is not a typo, the command comes from the words “process open”

You will need to write down the paths manually or enter the correct paths that python can understand, or add the r prefix to the beginning of the line. Example: shutil.rmtree (r "C: \ Users \ User \ Desktop \ New Folder")

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