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How to install gnuwin32?




People, please tell me how to install GNUWIN32 for ZIP commands on Windows 7. I wanted to make a program that is described in the book and it is necessary to install this package. Made everything like there. The program is not working. I attach a photo I installed this package from the official GNU site. installed in the PATH variable; C: \ Program Files \ Gnuwin32 \ Bin. The program is not working. Write it is necessary to register this:
print (zip_command). But this team does not withdraw anything. Writes is not defined .. please. Here is the program code itself

import os
Import Time.
Source = ['"C: \\ My Documents"', 'C: \\ Code']
target_dir = 'D: \ Programming'
target = target_dir + os.sep + time.strftime ('% y% m% d% h% m% s') + '.zip'
zip_command = "zip -qr {0} {1}". Format (Target, '' .join (Source))
If os.system (zip_command) == 0:
  Print ('Backup Successfully created in', Target)
  Print ('Backup Creating Failed')

Answer 1

Everything, I found a mistake. Instead of C: \ Program Files (x86), I wrote just C: \ Program Files. Now everything works

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